A Eulogy for the Bed Bath & Beyond 20% Off Coupon


We are gathered here today to say farewell to the Bed Bath & Beyond 20% discount coupons, whose passing came on suddenly this week.

Oh, dear 20% off coupon, you touched so many lives in so many different ways. You’ve been the perfect companion through all of life’s biggest moments, including my own.

Your presence was always a welcome one — I’d see your blue and white amidst the bills and magazines, and it was like seeing an old friend. Your reliability provided a strong sense of comfort, whether you knew it or not.

I grew up with you and shared the big life-altering moments with you. I remember taking stacks of you to the store so I could load up on shower totes, laundry baskets and extra long sheets in the fall before starting college.

This is back when you didn’t expire and they let us use several we’d saved in preparation for this shopping experience. As Mom took them out of her purse, we felt such pride in having you there with us.

And then, when I moved several states away, you were there again, helping me stock up my first apartment with pillows, kitchenware and a good reading chair. And, when Mom headed back home and left me entirely on my own, I found she’d left you there to support me again — including a note saying I had you just in case I needed anything.

You remained steadfast through the end, dear 20% coupon. It is a sad moment for us to say goodbye. Sure, you’ll be replaced with the Beyond+ loyalty program, which will include free shipping and 20% off each entire purchase, but no one could replace you. (Especially because this will include a $29 annual fee).

We never got to tell you just how important you were while you were here, using you every time you came along, but maybe you knew your value all along. That’s why you kept showing up. I’ll probably forever sift through the weekly ads looking for you, just on the off chance you changed your mind and came back to me. But, even if I don’t see you, you will live on in my memory, forever and beyond.

Image: Constance Brinkley-Badgett

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