The Safest New Cars You Can Buy

Tesla Model 3

There is a lot to consider when you’re looking at getting a new set of wheels. You need to take inventory of your needs to get the right style to fit your lifestyle and needs. You also need to consider more financial components such as car insurance costs in your state and what credit score you need to buy a car. But of the most important considerations are safety ratings.

To help weigh your safety options, Jack Gillis’s “The Car Book” partnered with the Center for Auto Safety to release its annual list of the “best bets” cars for 2016.

According to the press release, the center eliminated any cars that don’t have a government crash rating from consideration. From there, they looked at the performance and safety needs that the average American car buyer focuses on: crash safety, fuel economy, repair and maintenance costs, warranties, insurance costs, rollover, safety features and complaint history.

The results are below, broken out by type of vehicle, as well as the MSRP for the basic 2016 model of each.


Honda Odyssey — $29,400 


Chevrolet Sonic — $14,345

Honda Fit — $15,890

Kia Soul — $15,900


Buick Verano — $12,065

Toyota Corolla — $17,300

BMW 3 Series — $33,150

Mazda Mazda3 — $17,845

Volkswagen Jetta — $17,680


Acura TLX — $31,695

Volvo S60 — $34,150

Honda Accord — $22,205

Hyundai Sonata — $21,300

Chrysler 200 — $21,995

Audi A6 — $46,200

Chevrolet Malibu — $21,625


Tesla Model S — $70,000

Cadillac XTS — $45,295

Buick LaCrosse — $31,065

Toyota Avalon — $32,650

Hyundai Genesis — $26,950

Small SUV

Acura RDX — $35,370

Buick Encore — $24,065

Chevrolet Trax — $20,300

Mid-Size SUV

Volvo XC60 — $36,600

Ford Edge — $28,700

Honda Pilot — $30,145

Large SUV

Lincoln Navigator — $63,195

Ford Expedition — $45,435

Toyota Highlander — $30,490

Standard Pickup

Ford F-150 — $26,430

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