How to Replace Your Galaxy Note 7

After dozens of reports of Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 7 catching fire and exploding, the South Korean company issued a worldwide recall of the phone on Monday.

The Note 7 was released in August with much fanfare. But within days, reports that the device was overheating, catching on fire and subsequently blowing up appeared, spurring Samsung to issue an initial recall in early September.

At that point, the company halted sales, recalled 2.5 million Note 7s and began an exchange program to replace the exploding Note 7s. That was going fine until customers reported the replacement phones also had begun to spontaneously combust. Analysts say an end to Note 7 sales cold cost the Samsung nearly $17 billion.

Samsung has since ended its Note 7 project and is asking everyone who still owns one to shut it down and exchange it for a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge, both of which were released earlier this year. The company has linked with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to investigate reported cases involving the Galaxy Note 7.

While they figure things out, here’s what you need do to get your new phone:

Backup Your Information

Samsung thinks the risk of using the Note 7 is high enough to ask millions of customers to shut their phone immediately, so you should probably heed their warning.

But if there is something that you absolutely need on your device, you can quickly protect your data and information by backing up and clearing your data using Samsung’s Smart Switch software on a PC.

If your files are already backed up on a cloud storage platform like Google Drive or Dropbox, then you can skip this part and should turn off your Note 7 ASAP.

Get a Refund or Exchange

Galaxy Note 7 owners have two options at this point:

  1. You can get a full refund. Contact Samsung at 1-844-365-6197 if you bought it from Samsung directly. If not, contact the retailer that you bought it from. Samsung has a list of Note 7 retailers with contact information here.
  2. You can exchange the phone for a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge and any Note 7 accessories that you’ll need to replace. You’ll get a refund for the price difference between the devices. Samsung will also throw in a $25 gift card for your trouble. The gift card will either be for in-store credit or bill credit from your wireless carrier. To get started, go to the store where you bought the phone or contact Samsung directly at 1-844-365-6197.

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