Is This the Laziest Way Ever to Order Pizza?

Pizza delivery has long been the lazy man’s solution to dinner, so it’s only appropriate that it seems to have brought us the latest innovation designed to phase out effort: No-click purchasing.

Yes, you can now order pizza by doing practically nothing. This gem of effortless consumption comes to you from a longtime industry titan, Domino’s Pizza, which introduced its Zero Click app in early April.

“Zero-click ordering is as easy as it sounds,” according to a Domino’s press release.. Before you get too excited about mindlessly ordering your next cheesy pie, you should know that you will have to do a teensy bit of leg work. (Finger work? You can do it all from your smartphone or computer.)

First, you need to create a Domino’s Pizza profile and set an Easy Order. Once you’ve downloaded the Zero Click app and linked it to your profile, you can place an order merely by opening the app. You’ll see a timer, which counts down the 10 seconds you have to stop the order before it is placed. You can pause the timer if you want some extra time to think, and if you leave the app before the timer expires, your order will not be placed. The timer will restart upon opening the app.

As an online demonstration of the app says: “It’s easy. Maybe too easy. You’ve been warned.”

It’s a Ninja Turtle’s dream.

It could also be a financial nightmare, if you aren’t careful. On this app, the barrier to ordering is so thin that it seems like you could easily place an order you don’t actually want. (An image of a small child, sitting in front of a towering stack of pizza boxes, playing with Dad’s smartphone, comes to mind.)

Of course, anything that makes it easy to buy something can be dangerous, so it’s on you to have some self control. Think about it: Do you want to be that person who goes into credit card debt because you couldn’t stop ordering pizza? Didn’t think so.

On a more serious note, just because it’s easy to spend money without thinking about it doesn’t mean you it’s a good idea to ignore your finances as a whole. Seemingly small, habitual purchases can quickly add up (especially on a credit card), so you should take care in budgeting and tracking your spending. Those are helpful practices if you’re working toward goals like saving for retirement or good credit. You can track your financial goals, like improving your credit scores, for free on

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