The Cheapest & Most Expensive Hot Dogs at MLB Stadiums

See which stadiums offer you the most hot dog bang for your buck.

Few things are better than a ballpark hot dog in the summer.

It’s a treasured part of the baseball experience, up there with singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” bobbleheads and steroids.

But like baseball stadiums themselves, the price and quality of hot dogs varies by team. While we can’t speak for the flavor of every hot dog sold at a major league ballpark, we know how much they all cost, thanks to the Fan Cost Index provided by Team Marketing Report, a publisher of sports marketing information based in Chicago.

The index collects ticket and concession prices from every major league team, allowing for a league-wide comparison. The Cincinnati Reds sell the cheapest hot dogs in the league, offering $1 dogs every game at certain concession stands at Great American Ballpark, a price well below the league average of $4.52.

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Now, read on to see the other teams selling the cheapest hot dogs in the league, and where dogs are the most expensive.

Cheapest Hot Dogs

1. Cincinnati Reds: $1

2. Baltimore Orioles: $1.50

3. (tie) Arizona Diamondbacks: $3
Cleveland Indians: $3
New York Yankees: $3

6. Pittsburgh Pirates: $3.25

7. Philadelphia Phillies: $3.75

8. (tie) San Diego Padres: $4
Minnesota Twins: $4
Chicago White Sox: $4

Most Expensive Hot Dogs

1. (tie) New York Mets: $6.25
Miami Marlins: $6.25

3. (tie) Los Angeles Dodgers: $6
Texas Rangers: $6

5. San Francisco Giants: $5.75

6. (tie) Chicago Cubs: $5.50
Oakland Athletics $5.50

8. (tie) Boston Red Sox $5.25
Washington Nationals $5.25

10. (tie) Kansas City Royals: $5
Colorado Rockies: $5
Milwaukee Brewers: $5
Tampa Bay Rays: $5

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