5 Stores With Big Labor Day Sales


With Labor Day just around the corner, retailers are taking advantage of the holiday weekend to roll out some serious bargains. That’s the word from Jon Lal, founder and CEO of the deals site BeFrugal.com, who says consumers can expect to see markdowns on everything from already reduced summer clearance items — think summer clothes, outdoor supplies, patio furniture and grills — to cars.

“[Automobile] dealerships are trying to move inventory to make room for new models debuting in September,” he said via email, “and you can find good deals and will have more room to bargain during this time.”

Another item you’re bound to find deals on this weekend? Appliances, says Rebecca Lehmann, manager of content marketing for Brad’s Deals. With new models beginning to roll out, retailers are eager to clear old stock to make room for the new. You’re also sure to find deals on dinnerware, whose sales decline with the wind down of wedding season, as well as wine because new vintages are often released in the fall. Here are a few Labor Day sales to put on your radar.

1. Home Depot

In the market for a gas grill? How about a new vacuum? Appliances are a hot commodity right now, and the home improvement store is marking down prices accordingly. Dyson Ball Multi Floor units are now priced at $288, down from $489.91, while Weber Genesis Gas Grills are $100 cheaper. Select vanities, such as the Claxby Cream Vanity with stone effect, is now $299 from $549.

2. Lowes

Like Home Depot, Lowes is marking down Weber Genesis Gas Grills by $100. Unlike Home Depot, their patio furniture is slashed up to 75%. Some select Dyson vacuums can be had for up to $150 off.

3. Macy’s

Site-wide discounts are abundant on Macy’s, where everything from jewelry to kitchen appliances are on markdown. “September isn’t a major gift-giving month,” says Lal, so “jewelers are more likely to come down in price.” As an example, one stunning set of 10K and 14K gold earrings, regularly $150 to $1,500, are now 70% off.

4. Pfaltzgraff

The dinnerware stalwart is offering sales on many of its products to make room for next year’s items. That means free shipping on orders more than $99 and 20% off select products. The retailer’s Back to College sale on dinnerware, mugs, gadgets and wall decor also offers up to 56% in savings.

5. Wal-Mart

“Walmart has summer patio and garden clearance, in addition to remaining back-to-school sales,” writes Lal. One converting outdoor swing has seen its price come down $235.04 dollars while Igloo mini fridges (perfect for college students) are going for $99.

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What the Heck Is ‘Spring Black Friday’?

How to Avoid Panic Buying on Black Friday

If you’re among those people who get up before the sun rises just to save a few bucks on a TV the morning after binging on mashed potatoes and gravy, listen up: Lowe’s and Home Depot are having a special spring Black Friday sale, giving you the chance to get all the mulch and wheelbarrows your heart desires.

These sales last longer than a day (Lowe’s goes through April 11; Home Depot’s ends April 18), so you won’t need a tent to camp out this time, although you may pick one up while shopping.

Why Is This a Thing?

Retailers really like the idea of having promotions tied to Black Friday deals. The term causes consumers’ internal “big savings alert!” alarm to go off, so it’s an easy campaign for brands to run. If winter weather took its toll on decks, yards, or fences, these companies will likely see an additional boost in sales for things needed for repairs. Plus, many shoppers are looking for big-ticket summer items, such as grills and patio furniture.

How to Make the Most of It Without Breaking the Bank

If you’re escaping cabin fever brought on by the latest Nor’easter (or your city’s equivalent), these deals may sound appealing. Just make sure they’re in your budget, discounted or not. Making large purchases, especially on your credit card, can cause you to rack up unwanted debt if you’re not careful. (And maxing out your credit cards for the perfect outdoor furniture set can also ding your credit score. You can see how your credit card balances are impacting your credit scores for free on Credit.com.)

If there is something you want to purchase at a sale, it’s still a good idea to shop around, even online. Just because big letters in bright colors are saying there’s a sale doesn’t mean you should hand over your money right away. Read the fine print — are there restrictions or limitations on returns? — and make sure what you’re buying really is a good deal (and something you actually need).

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