12 Ways to Save at The Container Store

We've got 12 ways fans of bins, baskets and bathroom storage goods can lower their receipt tallies.

The Container Store is the place for organization-lovers to shop for all their bins, baskets and bathroom storage goods. The problem with The Container Store, however, is that once you start shopping there, it can be hard to stop. After all, who’s going to pass up the perfect laundry room drying rack or a garbage odor eliminator? I know I couldn’t.

To help you scale back on what you spend here, try some of these cost-cutting options on for size. Here are 12 ways to save at The Container Store.

1. Shop the Sales

Container Store sales are no joke. Check out the sales section online or in the store (generally at the very front, although that will vary by location) for discounts on hundreds of items.

2. The Elfa Sale Is Worth the Wait

Besides the hundreds of regular items available in the sales section every day, The Container store usually has two big yearly sales on its main brand — elfa — and they’re worth checking out. One usually begins after Christmas and runs through some time in February, and another usually takes place in late summer or early fall (though certain elfa items may be excluded during that one). Be sure to check the site frequently for updates.

3. Search for ‘Spend More, Save More’ Options

Every now and then The Container Store will offer extra savings when you spend a certain amount of money on a particular brand. For example, at the time this article was being written, customers could receive 25% off when they spent between $200 and $349 on InterMetro & Metro shelving, 30% off InterMetro & Metro shelving purchases between $350 and $499, and 35% off InterMetro & Metro shelving purchases of $500 or more. Check online or ask a sales associate for any current deals.

4. Join the POP! Perks Program

Enter your information to become a POP! Perks member and you’ll get $15 in POP! Perks, invitations to exclusive events and sweepstakes, a birthday gift and more.

5. Use a Rewards Credit Card

There is a The Container Store credit card, but it’s big draw is special financing deals (0% interest on purchases for 12 or 24 months if you spend $500 or more and $3000 or more, respectively), but you’ll only skip the interest if you pay any balance off in full by the time that period expires — and the card’s go-to APR is pretty high (a variable 29.99%). Plus, there are no rewards for cardholders so, while in-store financing can certainly be convenient, you’d likely save more by charging purchases you can pay off in full to a rewards credit card and redeeming those points, miles or cash back down the line.

You can find a list of the best credit cards for shopping right here. (Just be sure to check your credit before applying. You can view two free credit scores on Credit.com.)

6. Make the Most of Free Services

Be sure to check your local Container Store for any in-store events they might be offering, and make the most of their free elfa customized design solution offers with trained design experts as well.

7. Read its Blog

While we’re on the subject of free services, it doesn’t hurt to check out The Container Store blog either, which is loaded with craft tips on staying organized. You could spend a ton hiring a personal organizer to help you figure out how to organize that pantry, or you could read one blog post on the topic and do it yourself.

8. Skip the Shipping Fee

Shipping is free on orders of $75 and more on the site, but why not choose the products you want and schedule your own pickup time at one of the store locations for free? Use The Container Store drive up and pickup service and someone will even bring your order out to your car for you.

9. Use Your Teacher Discount

The Container Store currently offers an Organized Teacher program with special discounts throughout the year to help educators organize their classrooms. (Per its website, the program is set to end December 31, 2017.)

10. Search for Coupons Online

Check sites like Groupon, Retail Me Not and Coupons.com for promo codes you can use with your purchase, and do a general Google search to see what you find, as well.

11. Buy Discounted Gift Cards

Use sites like Gift Card Granny and Cardpool.com to purchase gift cards for The Container Store at a discounted price.

12. Follow The Container Store on Social Media

Catch all the latest promotions and sales by following the brand on Facebook and Twitter.

Want more hacks for your favorite brands? We’ve got 17 ways to save at Lowe’s right here. And, if there’s a retailer you’d like to see us tackle, shout it out in the comments section below!

Note: It’s important to remember that prices for products and services frequently change. As a result, rates, fees and terms cited in this article may have changed since the date of publication. Please be sure to verify current rates, fees and terms with the company directly.

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7 Ways to Save at Macy’s

Sure, you've seen the Thanksgiving parade, but you've also probably shopped at Macy's. And if you do so regularly, these tips can help you save at Macy's.

Macy’s is a very popular department store chain throughout the country, with around 870 stores and a full online retail business to boot. Macy’s sells a wide range of fashion products and accessories ranging from everyday casual wear to high-end jewelry. They even sell home appliances and furniture. So, chances are, you’ve headed there to make a purchase.

But if you walk into the store, grab something off the rack and pay for it immediately, you might be leaving too much money on the table. Here are seven ways you can potentially save big at Macy’s.

1. Shop Macy’s One-Day Sales

Macy’s regularly runs one-day sales throughout the year. Predicting a one-day sale is no exact science, but they can happen as frequently as once per month. One-day sales typically fall on Saturdays, with a sale “preview” on Friday. Clearance items are often marked down even further and shoppers can multiply those savings with coupons.

2. Use Macy’s Circulars

Instead of tossing out your junk mail right away, you may want to check for Macy’s circular catalogs. They often contain deals on marked-down merchandise and coupons for specific departments or cash off your overall purchase. You can even hop online to check for local-specific deals at your Macy’s — all you need to do is enter your zip code in on the Macy’s website and you can also find online catalogs. 

3. Sign Up for Emails & Text Alerts

By signing up for Macy’s email and/or text alerts, you can be the first to know when sales and events occur. Plus, Macy’s often offers discounts just for signing up. Right now, Macy’s is offering 15% off your first purchase when you create an online account and sign up as an email subscriber. 

4. Download the Macy’s App

Not only can you shop on this app, but you can also enhance your in-store experience. By enabling in-store messages on your phone, you can unlock deals as you peruse Macy’s. You can also scan barcodes to check prices, read reviews and check out additional size or color options. And if you decide to order from the app, Macy’s offers 25% off your first app order. 

5. Cash In Your Plenti Rewards

Plenti is a free rewards program that offers points rewards good for discounts at Macy’s and other participating stores, including AT&T, Exxon, Rite Aid and Expedia. Once you’ve signed up, you can earn points for purchases and redeem those points for discounts. For example, 1,000 Plenti points can be redeemed for $10 off your Macy’s purchase.

6. Consider a Macy’s Credit Card

Macy’s has its own credit card (read our review of here). In fact, there are two versions: The Macy’s Store Card, good for in-store and online Macy’s purchases, and the Macy’s American Express Card, which can be used anywhere that accepts American Express. Cardholders can earn a number of benefits, including “Star Pass” discounts, annual 10% savings from August to December, and surprise discounts at the register. The American Express card also earns Plenti points.

It may seem easy to get one of these store credit cards just to get a discount or two. But there’s a lot of important financial impacts to consider before filling out that application, like if you shop there frequently enough to warrant adding this plastic to your wallet and if your budget can handle having this card. You’ll also want to think about if your credit scores can get you a credit card that would be better for your habits or not. (Don’t know? That’s an easy fix: You can take a look at two of your scores for free on Credit.com.)

7. Price Adjustments

Macy’s offers price adjustments that are good for ten days from the date of purchase. If the price of your item drops within ten days, Macy’s will refund the difference. So if the item you just bought goes on sale, you’ll still be able to reap the benefits.

Note: It’s important to remember that interest rates, fees and terms for credit cards, loans and other financial products frequently change. As a result, rates, fees and terms for credit cards, loans and other financial products cited in these articles may have changed since the date of publication. Please be sure to verify current rates, fees and terms with credit card issuers, banks or other financial institutions directly.

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