17 Ridiculous Tweets About How to Spend Your Money


Money is wonderful. And terrible. And exciting and exhausting and confusing and pretty much any emotion you can possibly feel. When you think about it that way, it’s not surprising we make mistakes with our money, put off decisions we know we should make or wish we could just have someone else deal with our finances every once in a while.

Twitter is a fantastic reflection of people’s complicated relationship with money. Like when we know buying something doesn’t make a lot of sense but we get it anyway:

Or want other people to justify our spending habits:

There are a lot of hilarious and ridiculous things people tweet about money, and even when it’s not serious, it’s relatable. For example, we’ve all had this feeling:

And definitely had this realization:

But that doesn’t stop us from doing things like this:

Or ignoring our instincts:

Or flat-out making decisions we know make no sense:

But it’s not just you:

Peer pressure, man:

It’s not like you don’t try to make good decisions and be responsible:

But there’s always something else you could do with your budget:

Plus, choosing between needs and wants can be really confusing:

(Brake. Drake. So close.)

It’s like money and logic are in a constant competition:

And of course, food complicates everything:

(Yes. If pizza is the question, the answer is always yes.)

In all seriousness, figuring out your finances and knowing when to save while still having fun can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. What’ll really be frustrating is if you end up dealing with debt or bad credit because you made a lot of bad financial decisions. The good news is, with most money problems, you can find a way to recover. You can learn about how to improve your credit here, and you can track your financial goals, like your credit scores, for free on Credit.com.

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Image: Vesna Andjic

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